Micro (750 kg) to 14 ton rubber or steel tracked, zero swing or conventional canopy or cabbed on the smaller ones all with blades other than 13 ton ( optional).



Wheeled dumpers:
1- 10 ton, a full range of forward tipping dumpers including 1 ton high lifts, 3 and 6 ton swivels, 9 ton straight tip.




We have a full range of telehandlers from 6 metre to 14 metre with a range of attachments including, buckets, block grabs jibs etc





Twin drum vibrating rollers: 
we offer a range of vibrating rollers from 800- 1300 for hardcore or tarmac work


lighting towers:
9 metre mast lighting towers available
Fuel bowsers a range of fuel bowsers available


Micro track barrows : 
hi tip track dumper, 750mm wide with 500 kg payload.  some with expanding tracks